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Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge (Kubu)

Retails for: $1,395.00
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Polished and sleek; the Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge (Kubu) is making waves as the new contemporary, resort quality Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge!

This modern wicker chaise lounge is part of our Rocco Range of high end, modern pieces that have strong, clean lines and are textured with venerable Viro® wicker, resulting in furniture that fits seamlessly into any space.

The Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge sports a slim ‘waterfall’ frame, and is easily movable with oversized wheels at the head of the bed and a handle cut out at foot helps grip when moving/storing.

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A gorgeous, minimalist Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge

After a distinctive look for your patio, while still being a spot to lax out in? Place two Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Loungers in Kubu side by side with a Raw Concrete Letter Box in between for a stunning mix of materials and a satisfying cohesion between the handle in the lounger and the Letter Box.

These chic and modern wicker chaise loungers look incredible in a big line up pool side, with the addition of Rocco C Side Tables in the same shade of Kubu Gray wicker, you’ll find your guests will never want to leave! Make sure there’s options for shade in one of our grand and stylish Ascot Cantilever Umbrellas, with tilting and turning functions, and incredibly easy to move, this Umbrella is the perfect choice for creating a healthy relationship with the sun!

The Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge in Kubu also makes a great double sunbed by purchasing two of these chaise lounges and placing them side by side. Just add a Rocco C Side Table and you’ll be relaxing in utter luxury.

The Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge is made out of a powder coated aluminum frame with Viro® wicker, a through dyed, poly-synthetic product that is UV treated… basically ensuring a quality, high end product you will have for years to come!

Choose from the Rocco Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge in Kubu or in Antique Java colors. A Sunbrella® cushion pad is free with your purchase, and available in Canvas or Taupe.

Additional Information

Dimensions 84 x 32 x 10 in

Outdoor Wicker, Sunbrella® Fabric, Anodized Aluminum

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About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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About Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric

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Outdoor Wicker Care

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Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric Care

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Anodized Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Care

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"By the way, did you know that our Sunbrella® cushions are FREE with all of our deep seating and lounging products as shown on site? So no hidden charges, just another benefit from us to you. No one else does this. Compare before you buy, you owe this to yourself." -TW

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