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Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Dining Set with Bench & 6 Petra Wicker Chairs

Retails for: $8,640.00
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This dining set is perfect for outdoor dining for those who appreciate the classic country as well as rustic style.

The table in this set is our ever-popular trestle table that features chunky slabs of reclaimed teak to create the country look. We offer our longest trestle table in this outdoor dining set.

Measuring in at 117” in length, this table can fit 3 of our Petra side chairs comfortably in between the legs of the table. To seat even more, you are able to seat at least 4 on our wicker side chairs by utilizing the space outside of the legs of the table. We also include two Petra armchairs, for a total of six chairs with this set.

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Our Petra chairs add style to any dining table they are paired to. This chair works extremely well with the trestle table in looks and comfort also height of the back. The chairs are made up of Viro® outdoor wicker, which is one of the main companies we use for our outdoor material which will not fade or crack in the heat The is one of a few brands of outdoor wicker material that is of the highest standard. Manufactured in Indonesia.

The cushions that comes with the Petra chairs are made from Sunbrella® fabric, free of charge! We choose this Sunbrella® fabric because of its dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing as well as being easy to clean and can weather the elements.

To continue with the country theme for this dining set, we are also including our reclaimed teak trestle bench. It has the same lines and construction style as the table. We include our longest trestle bench, which measures in at 114” long, almost a perfect match with the table.

In total, this dining set includes:

(1) One reclaimed teak trestle table
(1) One reclaimed teak trestle bench
(4) Four Petra side chairs
(2) Two Petra armchairs

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Reclaimed Teak, Outdoor Wicker

About Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Our Outdoor Wicker Furniture Collection Resin Wicker is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture because of its durability, weather resistance and ease of care. This is not flimsy plastic. Wicker chairs are strong, sturdy, rigid, ergonomic and comfortable. It is made from an ultra violet inhibited polypropylene. The outer layer consists of high-density resin which… Find Out More →

About Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Reclaimed teak means that the wood was harvested and milled decades ago, crafted into housing, furniture, or flooring, and then is re-crafted into new furniture. All our solid teak has been reclaimed from central Java, Indonesia. Since the original timbers consisted of large old growth trees, this wood is very strong and durable in addition… Find Out More →

Outdoor Wicker Care

Wicker Outdoor Furniture is the perfect no-hassle outdoor material. Maintenance on Teak Warehouse Wicker Outdoor Furniture is minimal. Generally speaking, the textured surfaced fibers can retain light dust or dirt, but will shed it easily with a light dry brushing with a soft bristle brush or a wash down with clean water from a hose…. Find Out More →

Reclaimed Teak Care Information

Reclaimed Teak has very similar care requirements to A-Grade teak. Teak wood is naturally resistant to all types of pest, weather and environmental factors which would normally negatively affect lesser woods. Many like to use reclaimed teak indoors to create a special look, and therefore, would experience virtually non-existent care requirements to keep it looking… Find Out More →

"By the way, did you know that our Sunbrella® cushions are FREE with all of our deep seating and lounging products as shown on site? So no hidden charges, just another benefit from us to you. No one else does this. Compare before you buy, you owe this to yourself." -TW

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