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Coast Teak Coffee Table

Retails for: $1,195.00
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A teak coffee table made with the perfect low stance to match the rest of the collection. The clean, finished look of this table is just the beginning to the story, as this smooth surface provides the perfect platform for drinks, books, friends or a beach towel.

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A Teak Coffee Table

This flat, wide table has an interesting pattern consisting of 21 long thin planks of Grade-A teak spanning a full 35 inches across and 2 inches in width. The surface measures just over 52 inches wide and nearly 39 inches deep.

As an accessory piece, this teak coffee table serves a multitude of purposes and offers a simple yet striking appearance due to the uncommonly long pieces used to build the table. Ordinarily, a manufacturer would use smaller pieces separated by a cross piece to make a table. The Coast collection’s broad and bold looks demanded that this table be prepared with similarly impactful construction and on its own, this table might offer the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of other teak furniture. The low stance makes it perfect for the low slung collection, but that same feel might be just what your larger pieces of furniture need to make even more of a statement. Such is the versatility of this teak coffee table. You might even consider it for an impromptu platform for an evening meal seated on the floor to get closer to your food and friends.

The clean, flat, wide feel of this piece give a nod to the contemporary styling of the Coast collection and the impeccable build quality and the Grade-A wood make it a long lasting teak coffee table.

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Dimensions 52 x 38 x 9 in

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