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Synthetic Outdoor Wicker Furniture-Everything You Need to Know

What is synthetic outdoor wicker?

Synthetic outdoor wicker is a fiber made from resins and extruded to resemble natural fibers and materials. It is built to be completely weather and solar resistant so the outdoor furniture lasts longer and looks the same as when new. Additionally, synthetic wicker has a natural ability to shed dirt and dust, making it exceptionally well suited to those who require low maintenance materials/furniture.
Synthetic outdoor wicker is a spectacular material choice for outdoor furniture. With the continual advancement in technology across premium material providers, this fiber has become a truly versatile and beautiful choice.
Teak Warehouse utilizes only ultra-premium outdoor wicker materials, including those from Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene®.
Each manufacturer produces their own unique fiber with characteristics that are perfect for long-lasting, beautiful outdoor furniture. But what is synthetic wicker; why would you choose synthetic over natural and what are the qualities of such a fiber?
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We’d like to answer all of your synthetic wicker questions.
close up of Kubu colored synthetic outdoor wicker fiber

Why is synthetic often preferable to natural outdoor wicker?

Natural materials are beautiful and often have ecological benefits associated with them (if sourced sustainably). But when it comes to the realities of nature, the usage of outdoor furniture, and the need for products that last a long time in adverse conditions, natural wickers more often than not, fall flat.
Natural materials in wicker furniture are much more susceptible to moisture damage and UV damage. They look wonderful for a couple years and then the effects of constant UV exposure and moisture retention are manifested in the faded colors, cracked surfaces and stretching on your furniture pieces. Synthetic outdoor wicker closely resembles the look of natural wicker fibers, and retains the best qualities of the finest natural wickers (springiness without mushiness; tight weave patterns and strength). Synthetic outdoor wicker also is immune to the harsh outdoor environmental effects that harm natural fibers. UV light is not a problem for synthetic wickers. It is made from the same resin composites that the finest automobile manufacturers use for their dashboards, which are expected to be exposed to sunlight 12 hours a day 365 days a year. It is also a sophisticated material that retains no moisture, meaning there is not an opportunity for rot, mildew, weakness or expansion. Natural fibers cannot boast these same capabilities.
light natural looking synthetic outdoor wicker woven fibers
Technology in outdoor wicker has been so good as to afford the most natural looking product ever. New textures, extrusion processes and colors with more depth, bring a new dimension to synthetic fibers for high-end furniture. Additionally, colors that were previously never available give a different approach, with vibrant and variable color schemes allowing for placement of outdoor furniture in more modern and contemporary settings than previously possible.
Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of synthetic fibers when comparing to natural products is the ability to act like natural materials, while being able to retain the lowest possible maintenance schedule and the least amount of care to keep it in optimum condition. Because the synthetic fibers don’t absorb moisture or degrade in sunlight due to UV rays, they last much longer than natural fibers.
This makes synthetic outdoor wicker furniture a perfect choice for commercial applications, part time tenant homes and estates and for those who simply don’t want to have a rigorous maintenance requirement. Often times, a semi-annual rinse down with clean water is all these synthetic outdoor wicker furniture pieces need.
This low maintenance adds to synthetic outdoor wicker’s long list of properties to make it unique in the world of outdoor furniture. It is approachable and forgiving; can withstand wild variations and extremes in weather and outdoor conditions; is easy to care for, looks amazing and lasts a long time without any noticeable degradation in integrity or looks.
Consumers want great looking, great feeling outdoor furniture that doesn’t require hours and hours of maintenance and which do not lose important capabilities due to weather fluctuations. High end Synthetic outdoor Wicker does that.
Teak Warehouse uses only top tier synthetic wicker fibers made by Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene®, because we know and trust the brands and the fibers have an impressive track record around the world.
flat weave synthetic outdoor wicker

How is outdoor wicker furniture constructed?

We weave the high end fibers made by Viro®, Rehau® or Ecolene® onto welded, custom fabricated aluminum and Steel Frames, powder-coated to protect against corrosion and to provide a cohesive look. Our master craftspeople have many years of experience and operate in factories in areas world renown for the weaving arts. We use materials that are built to handle extreme outdoor conditions and we finish them for style, functionality and long-term ownership.
Some of the uses for our high-end outdoor wicker is as internal coating for the dashboards of vehicles. This has had a different extrusion method to get the look and feel of leather fabric. The minimum heat testing parameters for these fibers was intense and it has been proven to be a worthwhile test: these fibers have now survived many years of use in the harshest of climates.
The use of synthetic fibers is now being developed in Italy as an outdoor fabric. This is also a different extrusion method, whereas the fiber is made the size of cotton then made into bolts of fabric. Teak Warehouse was one of the first to introduce this amazing material on our outdoor seating collections and private label ranges; it has been met with with great success.

Why Viro® synthetic outdoor wicker?

Viro® is a super natural looking and feeling fiber. It is an innovative fiber capable of mimicking natural fibers in appearance and feel. Viro® has a natural feel and flex that makes it super comfortable and easy to love. The natural color tones are full of depth and really do make the fiber appear as close to natural as possible. The unique color blends have the tendency to be able to bring together varied color palettes in spaces with existing furniture or where the background is a complicated scene of color and imagery.

Why Rehau® synthetic outdoor wicker?

Rehau® is like Viro® with the exception the colors tend to be bright and reflective, also they show earth tones and these are very flexible and stable fibers. The consistency and finished look of Rehau® fibers makes it a beautiful and versatile synthetic outdoor wicker. The variations of round fibers and flat make Rehau® an excellent fiber for those who want subtlety in style and design in their space while being able to ensure the long-term durability of their furniture in fluctuating outdoor conditions.

Why Ecolene® synthetic outdoor wicker?

Ecolene® is all about vibrant colors and new looks for Synthetic outdoor wicker. You can find a color palette unlike any other in the Ecolene® range, with bright colors becoming essentially a trademark for the company. Ecolene® also offers beautiful surface finish variations to help a customer, custom tailor the outdoor furniture to their exact needs. From smooth extrusions for minimalist and modern or contemporary settings in bold colors, to textured surface finishes with subtle colors for those who need more blending and less impact from a piece or a collection. Teak Warehouse has many gorgeous pieces of outdoor furniture made with the innovative Ecolene® fiber; all wound tightly around powder-coated metal frames to ensure long life, good looks and solid feel.
colorful green synthetic outdoor wicker

What can I expect from a maintenance perspective with synthetic outdoor wicker?

As mentioned earlier, synthetic outdoor wicker is a wonderful material for those who detest maintenance schedules and expensive cleaners. You basically need water to clean and maintain the synthetic outdoor wicker furniture we sell. Even then, it doesn’t have to be cleaned that often. 15-30 minutes twice a year will keep your outdoor furniture looking brand new.
Click for detailed information on Cleaning and Caring for your Synthetic Outdoor Wicker Furniture.
Teak Warehouse knows that building furniture that lasts an exceptionally long time, with designs that are timeless and service that is spectacular, is the way to cultivating a wonderful relationship with our clients. Synthetic outdoor wicker made by Viro®, Rehau® and Ecolene®; woven by our craftsmen and utilizing designs like we have in our portfolio delivers on all these concepts gives the look of natural fibers, the longevity to last generations and the maintenance you desire in a single portfolio of outdoor furniture.
Be aware of the source of your outdoor wicker. Always ask where the wicker is made. Be clear about the manufacturer’s name so you can research its durability, reputation and history. Use a recognizable, proven brand and you can rest assured your outdoor wicker furniture will give you years of satisfaction and good looks.
The outdoor wicker industry is full of fiber weaves that do not stand the test of time. It’s unfortunate that many of these substandard examples can be seen in public commercial use. This is obviously not desirable. When choosing the right outdoor wicker, the highest quality is the best option, it is more expensive in the beginning but not in the long run.
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A-Grade Teak: Information and Why All The Fuss About A Grade Teak?

What is A-Grade Teak and why is this grade recommended as the premium wood for outdoor furniture

The Quick answer is this: A Grade Teak is the premium center cut of the teak timber and makes up about 30-40% of the timber. It is cut from Teak trees 40 plus years old, and will not have discolorations, knots or variations common to lesser quality teak. The grain of this wood will be tight and even, the color will be consistent and warm with honey and golden wheat tones, and the compounds of the wood will be highly resistant to outdoor conditions, bugs and moisture retention.

Teak wood is a hardwood that offers incredible benefits over other natural materials for use in outdoor furniture, due to the natural compounds that exist in the wood. Natural rubbers and oils help to protect this hardwood from UV damage, moisture and pest damage and help it to continue to look good many years after you put it into use.

A-Grade teak (also called Grade-A; super Grade A or triple Grade-A) is a premium natural material for outdoor furniture because it offers the finest protection and incredible good looks. The natural tendency for A-Grade teak is to patina beautifully into a silvery-grey look, which develops over time in natural conditions including Sunlight and ambient moisture. The integrity of teak wood allows it to weather gracefully, but also maintain its integrity so as not to degrade like other, lesser grades of teak or other hardwoods and softwoods.

A-Grade teak Blog

The Difference between A-Grade, B-Grade and C-Grade Teak

A-Grade teak is incredibly uniform in color, finish and hardness. There is a very tiny allowance for knots or discoloration. More often than not with true A-Grade teak wood, such variations in wood grain don’t occur. A-Grade teak will have a naturally oily feel to it, and have a warm glow and an even color palette consisting of honey, wheat, gold, and amber. To further explain the lack of discoloration and knots in premium center cut A-Grade teak: Knots are remnants of branches. In old growth teak, the branches are much further away from the heartwood. Therefore: where a knot would have existed, there might only be a slight, linear, grain pattern variation and a line denoting the variation. There will not be the typical round knot in such center wood. In younger trees, these may manifest as true knots with a round shape, because there has not been enough development in the wood or enough heartwood to avoid knots and variations. True A-Grade teak is cut from mature trees and mature trees only.

The A-Grade portion of the tree is the very heartwood of the tectona grandis tree. It represents the most difficult teak wood to source and is also, by far the most expensive. It can represent up to about 40% of the diameter of the tree, depending on the age of the tree; the younger the tree, the less A-grade teak that can be harvested. All trees grown in Indonesia are milled at around 40 years old. This allows for stable growth perfect for manufacturing outdoor furniture. It is very well-known in the timber industry – any trees that are significantly younger will be less stable. Additionally: Country of origin of the teak wood, is a pertinent question to ask your wood merchant or reseller.

B-grade teak is a lower quality teak, with characteristically higher volume of color variation, inclusion of variances like knots and grain twisting, and a less dense grain. It is noticeably less consistent and dense than A-Grade teak. Often you might find color differences moving from occasional tan splashes, and large darker patches, coming together with large grey and black veins between them. B-Grade teak appears to mimic the same type of wild variation as other woods like olive wood. The pattern is not consistent, and the overall capabilities of the wood for use in outdoor furniture, from a performance perspective are obviously lessened. Often ashy and powdery residues can form on B-Grade teak, creating an awkward finish; these residues might be grey, white or black. B-Grade teak often has fillers, to compensate for knots that have fallen out or for inconsistencies in the wood grain. Fillers are obvious when the wood is examined up close. B and C grade woods come from the outer core of the tree where the wood is white and sappy or they are near the outer bark of the tree truck where there will be darker markings and more open grained wood.

C-Grade and D Grade teak is usually reserved for use in trinkets from small villages near the forests where teak is cultivated. It is especially low quality teak and is often referred to as sapwood. It is not suitable for legitimate outdoor furniture usage. It has variances that are drastic; in color, figure, density and stability. Often this grade of teak wood is darker, such that it resembles an almost reddish or deep brown color and has inclusions that are undesirable both in integrity and from a visual perspective.

Reclaimed teak by definition of the fact that it is not new manufacture A-Grade teak, cannot be classified as A-Grade, though that does not necessarily mean that the original selection was not from A-Grade stock. Reclaimed teak has grown in popularity of late.

Diagram of Teak Log

Why would I want machine made teak outdoor furniture?

Often there is a concept and discussion that handmade products are superior to machine made products. Specifically in the Outdoor furniture market, this is NOT the case. Sure, we can all appreciate a very high end, custom piece of furniture, but those that offer such craftsmanship cannot offer consistency throughout many product lines and products. These one-off custom pieces are often many thousands of dollars as well.

Machine milling and using computer controlled tooling is essential to creating the tight construction quality and accurate dimensions that make for long-lasting and beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture. For those who are familiar with teak wood products, you might also be aware that there is a trend for anything not machine-crafted, to be made from lower quality teak.

Such lower quality pieces are not built to be used in varying conditions and certainly are not up to par in the quality of our manufacturing and standards of teak furniture made the way we have produced thousands of pieces of furniture over many years. We use machinery to produce the cuts, angles, joinery and planed surfaces of our A-Grade teak. When we have produced a perfect product, we then pass that along to our master craftsmen to build and finish the product into a stunning piece of furniture you see when you buy our outdoor furniture. It is this hand crafting that shows the quality of a true master craftsperson. Otherwise, generally speaking: “handmade” teak furniture is usually not quality.

What is kiln drying and why does it matter with Teak?

Kiln drying removes excess moisture to ensure that dimensions and weight, uniformity and consistency of the timber is all within a tight range of deviation. This means you get a product with accurate dimensions; a beautiful and consistent looking product, and one which showcases the best qualities that teak has to offer.

Our oven kiln drying occurs before the final dimension/shaping production on teak timbers to ensure that any shrinkage and moisture variance issues are controlled. Additionally, it helps the wood to avoid warping and cracking.

We kiln dry our wood in kiln ovens which are measured to result in approximately an 8% moisture content. The wood is then tested for moisture content again before construction to approximately a 10 to 12% moisture content, you won’t have moisture issues with the wood and you’ll be receiving the best quality teak available. The computer controlled tooling we use on our furniture will be able to achieve the most accurate dimensions and our master craftsmen will be able to produce the finest finish.

Why is it important to source teak from certain sources?

Teak is a valuable hardwood, with a lot of varied uses. What’s most important for the purposes of A-Grade teak and Outdoor Furniture use, is the plantation standards, the history of the production and the sustainability of such practices. Only from the best plantations and sustainability practices, can you yield the best product. We use wood sourced from Javanese plantations in Indonesia, under the control of the Indonesian government called the Perum Perhutani. The Javanese teak plantations are centuries old plantation tracts, with mature, old growth teak trees being harvested for timbers. The Dutch, in the colonial environment around the 1840’s, originally planted the forests; the reforestation effort is very responsibly and thoughtfully planned out. The Indonesian Government is very strict in controlling the output of these plantations and they impose very strict requirements to be able to bid on such fine teak wood. There is no other growth/production center of teak for commercial consumption that produces a finer timber than these forests. And most importantly the high restrictions and regulations for felling of trees is so incredibly important to our global environment.

Recently, other countries in suitable climates have begun to grow tectona grandis, but the quality is lacking comparatively, as the trees are milled at a younger age. The tendency outside of Indonesia, is for agencies to approve the cutting down of young trees, unsuitable for high grade timbers. This is evident in the cut rate pricing and the inferior quality of the wood. Generally speaking, manufacturers willing to produce teak outdoor furniture from lesser quality teak are likely to produce an inferior product by design as well.

Is there anything else like Teak Wood?

If you want a natural product and desire the wonderful benefits showcased above, then no, you won’t be able to find a hardwood with the same benefits, the gorgeous look of teak or the longevity of premium center cut A-Grade teak. It is truly in a class of its own. You can find capable Synthetic materials when it comes to outdoor performance (like weather resistance and UV resistance), but it’s not a natural product like teak wood.

Also, you can find beautiful hardwoods that aren’t teak, but you will not get the low maintenance of teak wood or the longevity of A-Grade teak. Teak is a perfect wood for outdoor furniture because it looks amazing and it weathers incredibly well, has durability and good looks and has an impeccable track record of performance over time.

Teak has been the preferred material for yacht decks and furniture, outdoor furniture (like park benches and landmarks) and specialty installations because there isn’t another wood that offers so many wide-ranging benefits or looks as good doing it. A-Grade teak is the highest quality version of teakwood, it represents the absolute pinnacle of teak wood specimens.

TIP: Beware of furniture merchants selling teak outdoor furniture with a finish. Always purchase teak furniture with no finish, so you can see what you are buying.

You can visit the following links for more information on Teak or to shop for true A-Grade Teak Furniture:





How to Clean Stainless Steel

How to clean stainless steel

It’s great to learn about this material, the grades of stainless steel available,  and especially methods recommended by experts on how to maintain and clean stainless steel. If you are interested in more supporting information please read on.

Teak Warehouse doesn’t recommend using any harsh chemicals to clean stainless steel. Chloride derived cleaners; as well as bleaches, should be completely avoided. In fact, because stainless steel is such a versatile material, you will likely need some advise on how to keep it’s appearance stunning.

Keeping your stainless steel looking beautiful can take a few minutes a week by performing a simple wipe down with a dry microfiber cloth; this will prevent most cloudy (minimal) corrosion.  Microfiber cloths are available at most home improvement stores or even at electronics stores. These cloths are delicate and the material essentially grips dirt at the molecular level to avoid the need for cleaners. Often times, water is enough to clean with, if using a microfiber towel.

More often than not, you’ll typically be cleaning stainless steel once every 6-12 months with soap and water, depending on your own environment and, unless you are in particularly harsh conditions (like direct salt air environments, around certain trees that produce sap in your garden; close to the coast or sailing on the ocean), this regimen will be enough to maintain the beauty of your furniture.

In this video, Eduardo, General Manager for Teak Warehouse talks about how to clean stainless steel furniture:

Many of our customers mention products made by 3M, as great products for their stainless steel.  This well-respected company with decades of experience in renewing the original look of Stainless steel components. Remember: if you choose to use chemical cleaners in some extreme cases then do so; 3M products are among the most respected products for cleaning stainless steel on the market.

Please take a look at the video to see our  recommendations.

If using 316 marine grade stainless steel you could experience “tea” staining especially if you do not wash this outdoor product and take care of it. Our 316 will not rust using the above methods for cleaning. This is the highest grade available for the marine industry and our teak furniture. It is the most expensive but also the best available.

If you have lower grades of stainless, such as 304 the risk of rust is there, especially if there is no maintenance and there is a greater risk if these lessor grades are not electro polished.  Therefore the quality of  the grade and manufacture and considering the environments where the furniture will be used are priorities when purchasing this material.


How to clean Stainless Steel of Hard Water Marks

To clean hard water marks (if you didn’t wipe down the stainless steel after spraying it with the garden hose, for instance), you can use a mild 15-25% vinegar to water solution. This is made using roughly 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar after cleaning with this solution, be sure to rinse with clean water and wipe to dry.


A bit of information about 316 Marine Grade Steel

316 Stainless is an alloy of stainless steel that uses a higher content of molybdenum and nickel. Simply put, it is these components, which allow this grade (called “marine grade”) of stainless to enjoy more strength and corrosion resistance. Regular stainless steel (or lower grades, like 302 or 304) are similar in appearance but don’t have as much resistance to scratching, pitting, denting and/or corroding.

What you need to know is that for the series of stainless which sees the most commercial usage: 316 represents the top tier and most desirable characteristics and beauty.

Teak Warehouse uses only high quality 316 stainless steel in its products featuring stainless steel and for many pieces of hardware on its teak furniture.  Among the reasons for using 316 Stainless steel are the corrosion resistance properties, long-life and good looks. Stainless steel as a material is not completely immune to corrosion, but it offers excellent characteristics for all but the harshest environments. That said: Stainless steel for  outdoor furniture  use offers a nearly unbeatable option for both good looks, and great wear characteristics.

You can see just how beautiful this stainless steel is when you look at the stark contrast in one of our pieces that highlight both materials (teak and stainless). The warm tones of the wood look so inviting against the backdrop of the cold metallic surface of the 316. Our furniture uses this grade of stainless steel, because we believe that all furniture should be built to last and designed to make a big impression. Marine grade stainless steel stays good looking for longer and is easier to maintain and provides the best possible build quality.


Clean Stainless Steel is beautiful

When your stainless steel begins to get dirty, it is often in the form of cloudiness on the surface, compared to the original luster and surface grain pattern you saw when you first used your furniture.

While you don’t need to wait until stainless steel gets noticeably dirty to clean it, you can definitely use that as an indicator of how often you might need to plan to clean it, to maintain the look you love.

One concept is certain: clean and well maintained stainless steel is far more beautiful, statement making and inviting than the cloudy or otherwise dirty stainless steel you might find in neglected pieces. While stainless steel starts with a leg up on most materials for the length of time it can stay clean, it does require some attention. Using the simple techniques above (and in the accompanying video) is our recommendation on how to clean stainless steel.


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Cafe: The Perfect Teak Folding Table and Chairs

Looking for the Perfect Teak Folding Table and chairs? The Cafe Collection is an ambient new collection available at Teak Warehouse. Ambient, because you’ve seen and experienced the best attributes of the set before many times in the market place. Eye catching because of its unique beauty.

You’ve seen it on the sidewalks in front of bistros and coffee shops in the busy bustling city of  Paris or your favorite local café just a walk up the street. It’s been so integral to the feel and ambience of the places you sipped cafe au lait, or enjoyed a nice chat with a perfect stranger. The whole collection is reminiscent of afternoons stolen away through a good cup of coffee and a classic novel. Where does the time go when you’re enjoying a carefree and comfortable moment on a chair so inviting or a table so perfect for the setting?

This collection is solid and made to last.  The entire set conveys a simple elegance that is found in timeless pieces.

The powder coated steel frames pair so nicely, in their semi-gloss silver color with the warm, even tones of the teak seating and table surfaces. This is a set of outdoor furniture that fits so well in so many places, you’ll surely feel it’s at home in your garden as much as you’ll be convinced it’s perfect in your breezeway or garden. Tight on space? Try the Cafe Collection in your Breakfast nook for a European feel that is hard to find with more mainstream pieces.

Not that you’d want to ever put these pieces in storage, but the Cafe chairs and tables do fold  in case you need to change up the look of your patio for seasonal reasons. The entire feel doesn’t only reminisce that of bustling metropolitan Europe; you just as easily find a similar style on your favorite wine tasting terrace or in front of that iconic Ice Cream parlor. The most important thing to remember is that the look and versatility are so interchangeable and the value of these pieces is so immediate, that no matter where you put them, they make perfect sense.

The Cafe Collection’s smooth, cold steel and warm, inviting teak make for a harmonious style, perfect for your garden, under your veranda, indoors in the dining area or in spaces like your terrace.

This grouping is showcased below as a set, highlighting the interplay between the beautiful powder-coated steel  and the warm cozy teak that looks great everywhere. The pieces work incredibly well  in their own combinations.

 Teak Folding Table


1. Cafe Teak Folding Arm Chair

2. Cafe Teak Folding Side Chair

3. Cafe Round Teak Folding Table

4. Cafe Rectangle Teak Folding Table

We’ve made it our promise to always deliver perfectly built and fully assembled outdoor furniture to our valued customers. The sense of pride we get when we see our furniture, all together and in it’s new environment.  We can only imagine its the same feeling you receive your delivery.  Our furniture is always delivered using our white glove service so it’s ready to enjoy the moment you recieve it.

Each of the following pieces are part of the Cafe grouping and each has it’s own unique attributes and presence; we invite you to look closer at each piece to see how well each works for you.


Cafe Teak Folding Arm Chair

This chair is so quintessentially part of the cafe setting that you’re sure you’ve experienced its cozy ambience before. This chair is not to be forgotten, it’s got a stunning contrast between cold metal and warm teak  stunning curves that showcases both it’s big looks and slim profile.

Teak Folding Arm Chair

Cafe Teak Folding Side Chair

This teak side chair is a perfect choice for it’s open feel and tiny footprint makes it an excellent piece for seating in small spaces. Also very easy on the eye with its plain traditional simple design

Teak Folding Chair

Cafe Round Teak Folding Table

This table speaks of coffee and sandwiches.  Everything about the piece sings about its usefulness and petit good looks. The frame mates perfectly with the clean and soft feel of the teak tabletop. Rubber foot pads protect your garden or tile depending on where you choose to display this wonderful table.

Teak Folding Table

Cafe Rectangle Teak Folding Table

This teak folding table is more substantial in its surface area and provides a family of four easily with enough room to do whatever they could imagine. It’s also at home with a late night, pouring over documents or even just an enjoyable coffee for two. The rigid steel frame is softened in appearance by the soft ambience of the teak, making it an instant conversation piece.

Teak Folding Table

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How To Clean Teak

How To Clean Teak

Teak is a durable wood that can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. With outdoor teak furniture, maintenance should be regular  to keep it clean and to stop it from turning grey. (if this is your desire) We recommend cleaning the teak when it is dirty which, depending on lifestyle and usage can be often or rarely. Remember your furniture is used outside and will of course be subject to the elements, just like your veranda, decks, patio or pathways. Washing will avoid dirt build up and keep your furniture fresh and clean.

With your teak, your preference may well be, for your pieces to have the natural new look, this is achieved by washing and cleaning to stop oxidization, then follow the cleaning instructions such as a gentle wash whenever it gets dirty. Another option our customers use and love, is to apply a clear natural sealer for more protection and keep that gorgeous showroom glow, however regular washing and resealing is required. Use only marine grade products here.

If you love the patina grey hue then leave outside and clean and water often to hurry up the oxidization, the result is stunning.

Treat your furniture like your car that has been left outside.

 Here is  a helpful video on how we believe your teak should be cleaned:

Things You Will NeedBucket

  1. Brush with medium to soft bristles (sponge is okay too)
  2. Water supply (garden hose works best)
  3. A soft solution that will not harm the teak (We recommend Simple Green products)
  4. Dry cloth
  5. Gloves (optional)

The 10 Simple Steps on How to Clean Your Teak Furniture

  1. Remove all cushions or anything non teak from the item as well as leaves and other debris. 
  2. Rinse off the item thoroughly with a hose on medium settings. Using a very strong pressure will damage the wood.
  3. Mix the solution with water in the bucket until foamy. A quarter cup of solution will work best.
  4. Put the brush in the mixture and start scrubbing.
  5. Start off with a small area to make sure the solution does not damage the teak.
  6. When cleaning, scrub WITH the grain, not against it.
  7. Make sure to scrub in between cracks and in corners.
  8. Brush diligently but not too harsh as to make sure to not damage the wood.
  9. After cleaning, rinse the solution off the teak after letting it rest for a while and wait for it to dry
  10. Use drying cloth or let dry naturally with sunlight.

Other things to note:

We usually recommend letting the mixture sit on the teak for at least five to ten minutes before rinsing off. After rinsing off, drying can take anywhere from 24 – 36 hours if dried naturally. Never use aggressive, two part acid solutions as they may compromise the integrity of the teak furniture. Any type of finishing product for teak furniture such as teak protectant, sealer, restoreant or  coating should be applied to  clean dry  pieces of furniture. We can recommend qualified people to help you on your way of teak maintenance. If required, just call us. We will refer you to the most qualified people in the business.

For a video guide on how to clean your teak, please watch our short how-to video on cleaning your teak furniture.

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Hampton Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture Collection

Our New Deep Seating Outdoor Furniture Collection

The Hampton Collection

The Hampton is the newest deep seating outdoor furniture collection from Teak Warehouse. The collection is inspired from the luxurious looks of many European Resorts. Like all of our outdoor wicker furniture, this collection is weaved with Viro fibre guaranteed and promises to look and feel great for years to come. Be careful of competitors when purchasing outdoor wicker make sure the framing is perfect for outdoors like powder-coated aluminum.  The difference between the brands of wicker is crucial in determining whether furniture is able to last outdoors.  Look for manufactures of this fiber like Viro® and Rehau® and the newest reliable outdoor wicker company to hit this market called Eco-Line® receiving the stamp of approval from architects and designers, you will not be disappointed. We only manufacture in Europe or Indonesia for the worlds best craftsmen, weavers and quality.

Just in time for the summer, the Hampton Collection is light and airy. With each piece being separate, you are able to arrange and rearrange the pieces to your liking. Being able to arrange the collection is also beneficial in terms of size constraints. The look is modern and very much in style right now. Get the look of  chic European Resorts in your garden at wholesale prices! Shown here also is our A-grade Teak coffee table,  mix and match for an eclectic style.

hampton teak deep seating collection

This collection contains five pieces

  1. Hampton Pebble Right Arm
  2. Hampton Pebble Left Arm
  3. Hampton Pebble Large Center
  4. Hampton Pebble Small Center
  5. Hampton Pebble Corner

Customize your space with even more options!

At Teak Warehouse, we offer even more choices so you are able to choose and design your own unique look! Besides the five items that are in this collection, here are some more options that can be utilized to complete the collection:

  Hampton Pebble Chaise Lounge

teak chaise lounge

This oh so comfortable chaise lounge is perfect for any outdoor garden, patio or pool area. Soak up the sun and read your favorite novel on comfortable Sunbrella® cushions. Shown in our new summer color Pebble outdoor wicker to suit many color schemes. This chaise is part of our new Hampton range just landed at Teak Warehouse

  2. Hampton Pebble Left and Right Loungers

Attach this piece to a right arm lounger to make a sofa bed or to a single or double no arm sofa for long seat with a blind end. Perfect for a narrow space. Add the table to finish off or a gorgeous potted plant. Make your own space with as little or as many pieces in between to make your very stunning comfortable setting in your outdoor patio space.

Hampton Pebble Arm Chair

The Hampton arm chair will bring the look and feel of a seaside resort to your backyard. Classic, airy and comfortable this chair will compliment your garden, pool or patio. Create a sectional from the variety of Hampton pieces and add 2 Hampton chairs to complete the look. Enjoy the summer days or fall nights on this cozy and splendid chair.

Hampton Pebble Lamp Table

Pair this table along with our new Hampton chaise loungers. Add a late afternoon cocktail with Horderves and relax. Or utilize this table to match the gorgeous Hampton sectional. Made from Viro® outdoor wicker and fitted a glass top

This collection includes free cushions!

Purchase the collection and receive the mattress cushions,the back cushions and new throw pillows free made with Sunbrella®

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Outdoor Entertaining Tip #2

Crab & Chive Deviled Eggs

Serves 6 | Hands-On Time: 15m | Total Time: 35m

IngredientsCrab & Chive Deviled Eggs

6 large eggs
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon seafood seasoning (such as Old Bay)
kosher salt and black pepper
1/4 cup lump crab meat (about 2 ounces)
1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives


Place the eggs in a large saucepan and add enough cold water to cover by 1 inch. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat, cover, and let stand for 12 minutes. Drain the eggs and run under cold water to cool.
Peel the eggs and cut in half lengthwise. Transfer the yolks to a small bowl and mash with the mayonnaise, lemon juice, mustard, seafood seasoning, and ¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper. Fold in half the crab.
Spoon the crab mixture into the egg whites, top with the remaining crab, and sprinkle with the chives.
QUICK TIP: Be sure to pick through crab meat before you serve it. Place the meat in a shallow tray and rub it between your fingertips to feel for shards.

Pair this perfect summer appetizer with our Eastern Seaboard style Beach Director Concrete Set!

Concrete Beach Directors Dining Collection

Original Recipe found at RealSimple.com

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Outdoor Entertaining Tip #1


Serves 8 | Hands-On Time: 05m | Total Time: 25m

IngredientsGrilled Feta

1 12-ounce piece Feta, at room temperature
6 sprigs fresh thyme
2 tablespoons olive oil
black pepper
grilled pita, for serving


Heat grill to medium-low. Place the Feta in the center of a large piece of heavy-duty foil. Top with the thyme, drizzle with the oil, and season with ¼ teaspoon pepper. Seal the foil to form a packet.
Grill the packet, covered, until the Feta is soft in the center when pressed, 15 to 17 minutes. Transfer the Feta, herbs, and oil to a shallow bowl and serve with the pita.

Pair this perfect summer appetizer with the Mediterranean style Trestle & Moni Outdoor Dining Collection!

Trestle and Moni Outdoor Dining Collection

Original Recipe found at RealSimple.com

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Spring Has Sprung…. Get the Guide!

Spring Style Guide

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Creative Energy at the Redondo Beach Warehouse!

If you have been in to the Redondo Beach warehouse recently, you may have noticed the photo studio we have built into the back of our showroom. We are busily working on our new website, and taking the time to shoot our entire range of indoor and outdoor furniture in a new light! Feel free to swing by and experience the creative energy aflow under our hot lights… Just don’t touch!

Teak Warehouse Lights

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