Concrete Furniture Care

Concrete is, by nature, a porous material and therefore, susceptible to staining. In our concrete furniture, there is a sealant put in the concrete mix when our tables are manufactured to protect them against marks and minor stains.

With this sealant, there should be little maintenance to keep your concrete tables looking new. Prolonged contact with overly acidic, heavily pigmented or alkali substances should be avoided. We recommend cleaning any spills as quickly as possible. If proper care is taken, your concrete decor item will last a lifetime.

While concrete seems the perfect surface for using as a cutting board or a trivet, we don’t recommend using your concrete table or counter top this way. Cutting does not hurt the concrete itself, but it weakens the wax and sealant, which makes the concrete susceptible to staining. Like cutting, hot pans don’t directly affect the concrete, but compromise the sealer and wax. We recommend avoiding cutting and hot pans on your concrete table to keep it protected and looking it’s best.


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